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Centrepiece Candle - Deep Brass Bowl - Made to order
Centrepiece Candle - Deep Brass Bowl - Made to order
Centrepiece Candle - Deep Brass Bowl - Made to order

Centrepiece Candle - Deep Brass Bowl - Made to order

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£35.00 GBP

  • Simply stunning candle made with your choice of scent! Large 1300ml candle. Made with 100% pure essential oils and natural soy wax. Hand poured in England

    Please select your scent from our options below and we will make the candle for you. Also available in unscented soy wax. Due to the time required for the candle to cure, please allow 2 weeks for your candle to be dispatched. 



    Made in unique, re-purposed items, each Finlows Centrepiece candle is one of a kind. The containers are re-usable and re-fillable, simply return the container to us for a refill in any of our scents below, or re-purpose it for use in your home (refill price varies, please get in touch for a quote)


    Our candles are handmade in England using soy wax, blended with 100% pure essential oils to fill your room with a beautiful aroma. All candles are natural and free from paraffin wax, synthetic fragrances and obscure chemicals.


    We can make candles especially for you. If you have a container you would like to turn into a candle, or are looking for something specific please contact us to discuss suitability and for a free no-obligation quote.


    Neroli & Lemon - An uplifting and calming infusion of Neroli and Lemon with a happy and relaxed aroma of floral notes with a fresh and zesty undertone. A scent ideal for stress relief and mood boosting.

    Lemongrass & Rosemary - A stimulating, revitalising blend of Lemongrass and Rosemary balancing the freshness of the lemongrass with the herby scent of rosemary. An energising scent ideal for boosting brain function and mental clarity whilst combating unpleasant odours

    Lemon, Eucalyptus, Lavender & Rosemary - A fresh and energising scent blending the zesty lemon and clean eucalyptus with an undercurrent of floral lavender and aromatic rosemary. A revitalising and uplifting scent to refresh and relax.

    Mandarin & Grapefruit - A light cheerful fusion of warm mandarin and fresh grapefruit with a citrusy and faintly floral aroma. A calming and uplifting scent to energise and uplift.