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Product Care


Made using full grain leathers for durability and lined with the softest calfskins for comfort, each pair of Finlows boots boasts its own unique character.

To keep your Finlows boots looking their best over the many years to come, we recommend the following:

-     To clean, rub gently with a damp cloth until any stains disappear;

-     Polish and nourish your Finlows boots by applying Finlows Cordovan Cream with a dry and soft lint-free cloth;

-     Keep your boots protected and water-resistant by gently applying Finlows Leather Balm with a soft brush; and

-     At the end of a long day, our boot trees are perfect for keeping your tall boots looking elegant all year round

-   Store your boots in their box or a dust bag when not in use for maximum protection.


To keep your Finlows furniture looking its best over the many years to come, we recommend the following:

-     For your wooden furniture pieces, they are either waxed or oiled. Depending on the finish we recommend giving your furniture another layer of protection with a natural wax or oil. The timing will depend on use. Note all of our furniture is designed for internal use unless otherwise stated.

-     For your cowhide pieces, it is ok to fold a cowhide rug for transporting or storage but it will need some time to relax after it is unfolded. Creases will drop out after a few days and piling books on to more stubborn creases can aid this process.

-   To clean your cowhide, you may use the soft bristle brush attachment on your vacuum, going with the grain of the hair, do not push the hair upwards.

-   For any spills, take a damp cloth and using a small amount of mild soap gently wipe in the direction of the hair grain. Do not get the hide too wet. Once you have removed the spill, use a clean damp cloth to gently remove any excess soap. Put an object underneath the area of spill to allow the underside to breath and aid drying. Not suitable for machine or dry cleaning.

-   For solid matters, remove using a blunt edge and move in the direction of the hair grain, then wipe with a damp cloth.

-   Cowhide rugs do not tend to move much wen placed on the floor due to the weight of the hide and the textured reverse. However Velcro or double sided tape can be used to help the rug form being kicked up at the edges if you wish.

-     To ensure the longevity of your rug, we recommend your rug should be moved or rotated occasionally to ensure even wear if used in areas of higher traffic. In dry conditions, you may take your rug outdoors and give it a gentle shake to allow fresh air into the hide and give it the opportunity to breathe. This will help to reduce any odours that might have collected in the hair and also help clean the underneath.